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Class of '79 Late-Summer Gatherings

Created on: 08/27/10 11:46 AM Views: 3227 Replies: 6
Class of '79 Late-Summer Get-Together
Posted Friday, August 27, 2010 06:46 AM

Summer's almost over -- State Fair, Vikes pre-season, and back-to-school are here! How about 2 casual get-togethers in September? Official FLHS "Alumni Night" is Friday, Sept 24 and the football game is at 7:00 pm against Woodbury. Let's meet for the game and anyone who wants stop by Stella's after. On Saturday, we could organize a late-afternoon picnic (3 pm?) at the beach? Downtown is under construction, but I think we could work around it. We have some money left from the reunion so that we could provide brats/burgers and salads and take donations as well.  Anyone game? I'll coordinate - we could meet Sept 11 to plan any final details. Let me know! Thanks, Dawn

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RE: Class of '79 Late-Summer Gatherings
Posted Friday, September 10, 2010 02:04 PM

Are "We" providing the food for the picnic (thus need to charge $) or do we make this a "potluck" and provide paper/plasticware and some condiments.  Everyone bring their own meat and dish (or two) to share, along with desert.

Mark Lundeen
Forest Lake Class of 1979,
Site Administrator

RE: Class of '79 Late-Summer Gatherings
Posted Friday, September 10, 2010 02:23 PM

Thought was to keep it simple...

- One suggestion was to buy brats and hamburgers at Sam's Club and grill them there (so we need a couple people to be at the grills), buy a couple salads and chips, and use some of the money from the class fund to pay for. We would then put out a 'free-will' basket so people who ate could make a donation if they chose. 

- Another suggestion was to skip the grills and buy a couple of those huge 6' subway sandwiches and serve them with chips and a couple salads. 

We didn't get to beverages... if people should bring their own.  Maybe we could get a few volunteers to bring bars or cookies? (or we could buy as well)  Thinking was the gathering might be 4-7 or 3-7? something like that and we'd eat between 5-5:30.

We could use more feedback! What does everyone think?  Dawn


RE: Class of '79 Late-Summer Gatherings
Posted Monday, September 13, 2010 07:46 PM

I like the "free-will" offering approach, but we should "suggest" an amount so people know what the soft costs are.  I also think people should bring their own beverages and something to share (potluck) in a dessert or side dish.

Mark Lundeen
Forest Lake Class of 1979,
Site Administrator

RE: Class of '79 Late-Summer Gatherings
Posted Wednesday, September 15, 2010 04:07 AM
Hearing only a little feedback, here's the plan!
Mark will send an email blast to the class, and PLEASE - for those of you on Facebook, post this information, and encourage classmates to register on this site for Saturday's gathering!
Friday, Sept. 24: 7 pm - ALUMNI FOOTBALL GAME!
Join the Class of '79 at "Alumni Night" for the FLHS home football game - Woodbury vs FL at 7:00 pm. Gather in the bleachers toward the south end of the field. After the game anyone who's interested meet at Stella's a mile away on Highway #97.
Saturday, Sept. 25: 4-7+ pm - INFORMAL CLASS GATHERING!
Rain or shine, we'll gather at Lakeside Park near the Pavillion right downtown Forest Lake from 4:00-7:00 pm for an informal class gathering. Despite the downtown road construction, the beach is open and accessible with plenty of parking.*  Bring your own beverages. Bring an appetizer to share (or make a small donation to cover those provided). If it's raining, we'll move the party to Vanelli's at 4:00 pm. And after 7:00 pm, anyone interested in staying longer or eating more, we've notified Vanelli's and they're happy to host us. In case you're not familiar, Vanelli's is conveniently on the corner of #61 and Broadway, right near the park.
           PLEASE RSVP NOW so we know if you're coming to this gathering.
           In case of rain, if we have enough classmates attending (60+),
           we can have our own room reserved at Vanelli's.
*= to get to the park from the south, go north on Highway #61 into downtown and enter about 1 block into the construction zone. Just before Lakes Area Bank, turn right and then left, and you'll get to the beach. From the north you can get to the beach from 2nd Avenue, crossing Highway #61.
Hope to see you there!
RE: Class of '79 Late-Summer Gatherings
Posted Wednesday, November 3, 2010 11:06 AM


RE: Class of '79 Late-Summer Gatherings
Posted Saturday, November 6, 2010 06:19 AM

Sorry we missed you! We had a fun time at the Friday evening football game with a great group who came, and a small crowd gathered at the park and then went to Vanelli's after on Saturday.  Mark couldn't make it, but yes -- we had plenty of food!  We'll do it again next September. BE THERE.